Hill Country Rallye Track Experience


**You must be registered for the Hill Country Rallye to participate in the track experience**

We are pleased to offer a track day at the front end of the already fantastic HCR weekend. This event was a huge hit last year and we are excited to offer the experience again.

  • When: Thursday, February  27, 2020 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Where: Harris Hill Road, San Marcos, TX
  • Cost: $150 per participant
  • The track day would require a separate, documented Technical Inspection from a qualified shop or individual (see link at bottom of page)
  • We will have Kerrville-bound caravans leaving Harris Hill after the track for those that want to travel as a group

Mandatory on-site driver's meeting at 8:30am. You can not miss this meeting.

This is not designed to be a full Driver's Education (DE) event.  Think of it more of a track experience.

The track will be hot from 9:00am to 2:00pm.  We encourage you to HAVE FUN but you must be safe and you must drive in your limits. Remember, you still have 2 more days of driving Hill Country back roads to complete afterwards. Leave some tires and brake pads for the rest of the weekend.

Tech:  All Driver's (per car if sharing) must submit a signed tech inspection sheet from a qualified shop. We will share a tech sheet template to be completed. No tech sheet, no track time.

Additionally, there will be a brief on-site track inspection to verify seatbelts/restraints, tires, throttle return springs, lug nut torque, brake pads, etc.

Safety:  All driver's and passengers must wear a helmet on track. Bring your own helmet if you have one. There are only a few rental loaner helmets available at the track. All open top cars (cabriolet) will be required to have factory installed roll-over protection and run with the roof in the "closed" position. Any open top race cars will be required to have a track legal roll bar (cage preferred) and be able to pass a "broomstick" test.

All cars must have suitable restraint systems.

Technical Inspection Report

Please use this template for your tech inspection. Upon completing your inspection bring the SIGNED sheet with you to the track.

HCR 2020 Track Tech Sheet (pdf)